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We’re making some changes to our cookies on October 2nd, 2023, and you might need to update your site’s cookie banner before that date. Who do these changes apply to? Before you read any further, check
Google Analytics and Meta Pixel let you measure your organization’s advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications. Fundraise Up’s integration with Google
WordPress is a powerful and versatile open-source content management system (CMS) that is used to create websites and blogs. With a few quick steps, you can add Fundraise Up to your WordPress website.
Google Analytics 4 is an analytics service that enables you to measure traffic and engagement across your websites and apps. You can pass events and parameters from Fundraise Up to Google Analytics to
If you've confirmed that you've set up Apple Pay correctly on your website, but the Apple Pay button isn't appearing during Checkout, don't worry. Below is a handy checklist to help you troubleshoot the
If your organization has nonprofit status and more than 80% of your payment volume will be tax-deductible donations, then we’d encourage you to apply for Stripe’s discounted processing fees. This article
Wix is a cloud-based web development platform that enables users to create stunning websites without needing any coding knowledge. Below, we guide you through adding the Fundraise Up installation code

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