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If your Fundraise Up account is currently integrated with Salesforce and you want to switch over to our specialized Salesforce NPSP integration, follow these steps. Make sure you have set up a Salesforce
The Social Proof element showcases recent donations to your campaign, encouraging other visitors to donate. You can select how much donor information is displayed (first name, last name, initials, etc.).
We offer a wide array of payment methods, enabling donors to select their preferred method for making contributions. This provides donors with convenience and enhances organizational flexibility and fundraising
If you're trying to process a donation via the Virtual Terminal and can't see Bacs Direct Debit as an option, even though it's enabled for your account, follow these troubleshooting steps: Confirm direct
Fundraise Up uses cloud-based technologies. This means that the data reside in different places simultaneously. This is the core benefit of cloud computing, as it creates a more elastic, robust, and dependable
If a recurring plan has a "Scheduled" status due to being skipped by the donor or via the Dashboard, there isn't a direct way to unskip it. However, you can use the following workaround to reactivate the
Duda is a highly favored CMS renowned for its user-friendly interface. It empowers users to create and publish sleek, professional-grade websites with minimal effort. If you're seeking to integrate the

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