Connect Fundraise Up to thousands of other apps using Zapier

Zapier is an online automation platform that connects your favorite apps and services together to help you get things done more quickly and easily. With Zapier, you can automate tasks across hundreds of apps, including popular services like Slack, Mailchimp, Trello, and more.

The settings for Zapier are managed from the Zapier integration page in the Fundraise Up Dashboard.

Getting started

The Zapier integration is activated the first time you log-in to your Fundraise Up account. However, to push data to Zapier, you must first complete some configuration steps in Zapier.

Below, review the prerequisites and connection steps for the Zapier integration.

The Fundraise Up Zapier app is invitation-only and is not listed in the public app directory. Refer to step 7 in the connection guide below to activate the Fundraise Up app in Zapier.


  • Access to your organization’s Zapier account
  • Access to your organization’s Fundraise Up account with a user that has the Organization Administrator role

Connection steps

  1. Log-in to Fundraise Up.
  2. Select your user account from the upper right corner of the Dashboard.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Integrations from the sidebar menu.
  5. Select Zapier.
  6. Copy the API key.
  7. Accept the invitation to Fundraise Up’s Zapier app.
  8. From the Zapier dashboard, select the Create Zap button.
  9. Using the search input in the Trigger view, look up “Fundraise Up.”. You should see a result for Fundraise Up (1.0.0).
  10. Select Fundraise Up (1.0.0).
  11. In the Event dropdown, select the Fundraise Up event that will start the Zap.
  12. Select Continue.
  13. When prompted to choose an account, select the Sign in button for the Fundraise Up option. A separate window will open.
  14. In the Api Key field, paste the API key that you copied from Fundraise Up.
  15. Select Yes, Continue.
  16. Fundraise Up is now connected to your Zapier account, and you can continue configuring your Zap.

Use cases

Zapier is a powerful tool for connecting your favorite apps and services together to make your life easier. When combined with Fundraise Up, you can leverage Zapier to automate your fundraising processes. Here are some examples of how you can use Fundraise Up with Zapier.

  • Automatically update donor records in your CRM
  • Automatically add new donors to a contact list in Mailchimp
  • Create a Trello card each time a new donation is made
  • Send personalized thank you emails to new donors
  • Create Slack notifications when a donation is received

Zapier retrieves only the last 50 donations made every 15 minutes, so any donations beyond this 50 donation limit within that 15-minute time frame will not be synchronized.

Nonprofit discount

Zapier offers a 15% discount to eligible nonprofit. Learn more and apply for the discount on Zapier’s website. Learn more →


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