Get started with Fundraise Up’s built-in Salesforce integration

Fundraise Up includes a robust, API-based integration with Salesforce. This lets your organization connect Fundraise Up to your Salesforce account, and sync donation records as soon as donations are made.

Salesforce can be connected and configured from the integrations page in your organization’s main settings in the Dashboard.

As with all Fundraise Up integrations, records are synced in one direction: From Fundraise Up to Salesforce. Records in Salesforce cannot be synced to Fundraise Up.

We offer regular Salesforce integration, and integration with Salesforce accounts that have NPSP installed. These are two separate integrations. This section is related to integration with a regular Salesforce account, without NPSP. If you have NPSP installed on your Salesforce account, you must use the Salesforce NPSP integration.

You can also switch from a standard Salesforce integration to a Salesforce NPSP integration using our simple instructions.

If you already have your Salesforce account integrated to your Fundraise Up account, you can’t also add the Salesforce NPSP integration to your Fundraise Up account. The Salesforce integration and the Salesforce NPSP integration are mutually exclusive.