Why I can't find the Fundraise Up app in Zapier?

Why I can't find the Fundraise Up app in Zapier?

The Fundraise Up app is an invite-only application at this time and is not searchable on the Zapier welcome screen. However, you may find the app after you initiated the step of creating a new Zap.

To find the Fundraise Up application in Zapier, please click on the "Create Zap" button and search for Fundraise Up under the Trigger App event.

As the Fundraise Up Zapier app is not public, it cannot be found under the "Welcome to Zapier!" dashboard.

To learn more about the Zapier integration, please check out our article on how to Connect Zapier to Fundraise Up.

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When the Fundraise Up app is disconnected from your Zapier account, there are no additional steps to take. The integration remains activated on the Fundraise Up side, regardless of the connection status

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