Donation history

Settings for the Donation history section of Donor Portal

In Donor Portal, the Donation history section displays past donations in a table view. The table include entries for both one-time and recurring donations made by a donor to your organization. The table view includes columns for the date a donation was made, the donation amount, and the payment method used. Each donation entry also includes tools for viewing more details about the donation and downloading its receipt.

If PDF receipts have been disabled from Dashboard Settings, the option to download a PDF receipt will not be shown.
In some cases, an option to download a donation receipt may not be displayed. This is typically because the donation is still in progress.

Disabling donation history

Your organization can choose to disable donation history in the Dashboard settings, so that donors don’t see a list of their previous donations in the Donor Portal. This can help avoid confusion for donors who have donated both online and offline, as they won’t see their offline donations in the Donor Portal. Go to our Donor Portal Settings article to learn more about this.

Donation statuses

In the Donation history section, statuses are shown for each donation. A donation can have one of six possible statuses:

  • Success: The donation was processed successfully.
  • Pending: The donation is in progress but has not yet settled.
  • Pending (Retrying): Specific to a recurring plan — the last installment for the recurring plan could not be charged. Fundraise Up will retry the charge based on the retry behavior settings configured in the Dashboard.
  • Failed: The donation could not be successfully charged.
  • Refunded: The donation was refunded from within Fundraise Up by an account user with a role that allows them to manage donations.

Donation amount

The Donation amount column in the Donation history section includes the monetary value for each donation. Sometimes, an approximately equal to symbol (≈) is displayed next to a donation amount value. This typically occurs with noncash donations of crypto or stock, where a donation of property is made and the donation’s monetary value is estimated.

Download all receipts

In the Donation history section, there is an option to download all receipts. When this option is selected, a donor can choose any year in which they’ve donated and download a zipped file of individual donation receipts for that year. This functionality is useful for donors who itemize their tax deductions and require supporting documentation for their donations.


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