Donation history

Settings for the Donation history section of Donor Portal

In the Donor Portal, the Donation history section displays past donations in a table view. The table on the Donor Portal main page includes entries for both one-time and recurring donations made by the supporter to your organization, as well as status changes in their recurring plans and changes to payment terms. The table view includes columns for the date a donation was made, the donation amount, and the payment method used. Each donation entry also includes tools for viewing more details about the donation.

Disabling donation history

Your organization can choose to disable donation history in the Dashboard settings, so that supporters don’t see a list of their previous donations in the Donor Portal. This can help avoid confusion for supporters who have donated both online and offline, as they won’t see their offline donations in the Donor Portal. Go to our main Donor Portal documentation to learn more about this.

Donation amounts

The donation amount given in the Donation history section includes the monetary value for each donation. Sometimes, an approximately equal to symbol (≈) is displayed next to a donation amount value. This typically occurs with noncash donations of crypto, where a donation of property is made and the donation’s approximate monetary value is estimated.


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