Learn how Fundraise Up meets WCAG compliance.

We are committed to ensuring that all donor-facing sections of our platform — the Checkout modal, Campaign Pages, Elements and the Donor Portal — adhere to top accessibility standards set by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Fundraise Up conforms to WCAG 2.1 AA standards and is regularly checked for compliance by independent, third-party accessibility audits.

Supported accessibility tools

Fundraise Up offers a user-friendly experience across various access modes. Whether using the Checkout form, Campaign Pages, Donor Portal, or Elements, users will find navigation straightforward and intuitive.

Screen readers

Fundraise Up enhances accessibility for visually impaired donors by making the platform compatible with a variety of screen readers. This includes built-in tools like VoiceOver (for macOS) and Narrator (for Windows), as well as popular third-party applications and browser extensions.

To further improve accessibility, Fundraise Up uses Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) attributes across the platform. These ARIA labels offer concise descriptions of visual elements for screen readers, making navigation easier for donors with visual impairments.

Keyboard navigation

Fundraise Up fully supports keyboard-only navigation, allowing to access all features without using a mouse.

Magnification and contrast

To assist donors with visual impairments, we support browser-based magnification and contrast settings throughout the donor experience. This makes navigation easier and more accessible, which helps increase conversions.


Throughout the platform, Fundraise Up uses fonts that are designed for accessibility and readability. This ensures that labels, text fields and other components render clearly on all devices and support the display of all characters and symbols.


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