Donor Portal

Learn about the Donor Portal and how to configure it for your organization.

Donor Portal is a self-service dashboard where your donors can manage their fundraisers and recurring plans, view donation history, and update their profile information. Donors access Donor Portal using a secure magic link, which is emailed to them each time they want to view their dashboard. The approach removes the need for donors to maintain login credentials that can be easily forgotten. Donor Portal is enabled for all donors and cannot be disabled from the Dashboard.

There are four objects that surface properties in Donor Portal. Some of the values for these properties can be modified by the donor. These properties are listed below.

Object Properties
Donations Status, donation Amount, donation date, payment method, comment, PDF receipt
Recurring Status, donation amount, next payment (date), payment method, comment, cover transaction costs, frequency, installment charge date
Supporters First name, last name, email
Fundraisers Total raised, page views, donations, goal, goal date, display name, fundraiser photo, personal message, end date, role (group)

When a donor makes changes to the above properties in Donor Portal, the changes are reflected in the Fundraise Up Dashboard.

Donor Portal is configured from the Donor Portal page in Dashboard Settings. Its configuration options are described below.

Donor Portal throughout the platform

Because multiple objects are represented in Donor Portal, it is often referenced in the settings of other features. For example, when the Fundraisers feature is used, some of its customization options are configured from the P2P page of a Campaign’s settings.