Learn about Localization settings in Fundraise Up.

Fundraise Up’s localization tools enable you to translate the donor experience into more than 20 languages. From the Localization page in the Dashboard, you can configure the languages you want to support, and set rules for how Fundraise Up will serve translations.

Language localization is available for donor-facing areas of the platform such as Checkout and Donor Portal, and in emails. The Dashboard is not localized, and is displayed in American English.

Default language

The default language setting determines which language is shown first in Dashboard content editors. The selection is also used as the default language when a donor’s language preferences cannot be detected.

UI languages

You can toggle the languages you want to support in Checkout, Elements, and Donor Portal, from the UI languages section of Localization settings. When localizations are enabled, platform labels will be displayed in localized languages, and you can input translations for editable content.

You can enable localization support for the following languages:

Arabic (World) German
Chinese (Traditional) Hungarian
Chinese (Simplified) Italian
Danish Japanese
Dutch Korean
English (Canada) Norwegian
English (United Kingdom) Portuguese (Brazil)
English (United States) Portuguese (Portugal)
Finnish Russian
French (Canada) Spanish (Latin American)
French (France) Swedish

Localization rules

Using localization rules, you can configure how Fundraise Up should serve translations to website visitors. There are three rules you can apply:

  • Select UI and content language based on browser preference: Fundraise Up will localize Checkout, Elements, and Donor Portal based on the language settings configured in a website visitor’s browser.
  • Select UI and content language based on website URL: You can input the URLs of pages that should activate localization for a specific language.


    URL Language to display
    https://mycharity.org/es Spanish
    https://mycharity.org/donate/norway Norwegian
    Wildcard values (*) can be used to target entire websites or directories. For example, if the website https://mycharity.org/ja should display Fundraise Up in Japanese on any page, then the wildcard value should be added to the rule and expressed like this: https://mycharity.org/ja*.
  • Select UI based on URL parameter _lang and js variable window._lang: This option serves language localizations based on your website’s URL structure or JavaScript configuration. Because this rule method is dictated by your website’s configuration, it is selected by default and cannot be disabled. This method will take precedence over any other configured rule methods.

Email languages

Fundraise Up includes separate localization toggles for emails. This enables you to take advantage of pre-localized content in Checkout, Elements, and Donor Portal, without needing to provide custom translations for email content. As you create this content for each language, you can enable email localization.

You can enable email localization for the following languages:

Arabic Italian
Chinese Japanese
Danish Korean
Dutch Norwegian
English Portuguese
Finnish Russian
French Spanish
German Swedish
Email language localizations do not include region-specific dialects.

Localization throughout the platform

The options configured on the Localization page are applied at the account level. In other areas of the platform, you can apply granular localization settings.

Explore localization in other areas of the platform:


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