Settings for the Fundraisers section of Donor Portal

The Fundraisers section of Donor Portal displays any active or paused Fundraisers for the donor. Each entry displays the name of the Fundraiser, its goal and progress, and the number of days remaining until the donor’s fundraising goal date. Selecting an entry opens the dashboard for the Fundraiser.

Editing a Fundraiser

From the dashboard page for a Fundraiser, a donor can modify certain properties related to the Fundraiser when they select Edit Fundraiser. The modifiable properties are described below.

  • Display name: The Fundraiser name displayed in Checkout and other areas of the platform.
  • Fundraiser photo: The profile image used for the Fundraiser. It is most visible in Checkout, where it is displayed with the Fundraiser’s Display name and goal.
  • Fundraiser goal: This option enables a donor to increase or decrease the dollar goal of their Fundraiser. Modifying this amount is helpful when a donor exceeds their goal but wants to continue fundraising, or if they determine that their goal exceeds the amount that they are likely to raise.
  • Your message: When a donor creates a Fundraiser, they are prompted to include a 120-character description of why they are fundraising. This description, labeled, Your message, in Donor Portal, can be updated at any time by the donor.
  • End date: This is the date that a donor anticipates they will reach their fundraising goal. It is originally configured when the donor creates their Fundraiser in Checkout. Modifying it in Donor Portal is useful when a donor wants to extend their fundraising period.

Fundraiser metrics

The first section on the dashboard page for a Fundraiser displays three metrics:

  • Amount raised in dollars
  • Number of page views (number of people who viewed the Fundraiser’s Checkout)
  • Number of donations the Fundraiser has received

Below the fundraising metrics, an interactive map is displayed that shows the origin points of donations made to the Fundraiser.

A progress bar also displays the donor’s fundraising goal and their progress towards it. As donations are made to the Fundraiser, they appear as segments in the progress bar. Hovering over the segments will display a tooltip with information about the donation and the donor who made it.

Sharing tools

The sharing tools in the dashboard for a Fundraiser enable a donor to access the direct link to their Fundraiser. This link can be copied and pasted to another location or shared to a social media platform using the included social sharing buttons. A Share via email button enables donors to send a link to the Fundraiser using a precomposed email. Selecting the button will launch the donor’s default email application.

The donor can also download a QR code image that includes a link to their Fundraiser. When scanned, the QR code will launch the Fundraiser on the website set by the Donor destination URL configured in the P2P settings view of a Campaign.


The Donations section of a Fundraiser dashboard displays a table of donations made to the Fundraiser. The table includes columns for the name of a donor contributing to the Fundraiser, the amount of their donation, the date of the donation, the donor’s general geographic location, and if the donor included a comment with their donation, a speech bubble indicator that when hovered over displays the text of the comment.

The donations table can be sorted by recent donations or top donations using the toggles displayed above the table. Sorting the table by top donations will rank the entries from greatest to least donation amount. By default, the table is sorted by recent donations.

Team performance

When multiple donors are participating in a Fundraiser, their profiles are displayed in the Team performance section of a Fundraiser’s dashboard. The section includes the name of the team member, the total donations they have raised by dollar amount and count, their role as set in the Fundraise Up dashboard. The Team performance section is shown even when only one donor is participating in a Fundraiser.

Team members can be invited to join a Fundraiser using a link displayed in the footer of the Team performance section. Accessing the link will launch the Fundraiser onboarding screen on the website set by the Donor destination URL configured in the P2P settings view of a Campaign.


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