Settings for the profile section of Donor Portal

The Profile section of Donor Portal enables a supporter to update three properties related to the Supporters object:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
Email addresses must be unique. A supporter cannot use the same email address for multiple Donor Portal accounts.

When these values are modified by a supporter in Donor Portal, the changes are reflected on their Supporter record in the Fundraise Up Dashboard. The modified values will update the details used for any recurring plans the supporter has activated but will not impact historical donations. If a supporter changes their profile information and then downloads a PDF receipt for a past donation, the receipt will reference the supporter’s previously-provided information. This practice is designed to reduce reporting errors when supporters file for tax deductions and provide their Fundraise Up-generated receipts as documentation.

When a supporter updates their email address in Donor Portal, they can select to use the new email address to receive future donation receipts. This option is selected by default.