Get data the way you need it using easy-to-export custom data templates

In most cases, we recommend using built-in integrations to sync data from Fundraise Up to your other applications, but in some cases, it is helpful or necessary to export a data file instead.

Using Exports, you can create, customize, and deliver CSV data files that can include over 100 data points.


The Exports tool consists of three components: templates, files, and destinations.

Common use cases

There are a few scenarios where it makes sense to use exports instead of Fundraise Up’s built-in integrations.

  • There is no built-in integration for your organization’s CRM
  • You are using a connector like BrightVine Data Link to ingest data using SFTP
  • You want to transmit export files to a data warehouse
  • You want to send files to an SFTP location
  • You want to automatically email a list of donors and their addresses to a mail house


One of the key benefits of Exports is the ability to send export files to multiple destinations. Learn more →


An export file can be downloaded locally to a device.


An export file can be delivered to a valid email destination.


An export file can be securely sent to an SFTP server location.


The Exports feature enables you to schedule the delivery of export files to email and SFTP destinations. Learn more →


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