View and manage individual donations from the Dashboard.

The Donations view displays each donation's date, account and donation amount, as well as the supporter and campaign names.


Date range selection

By default, all donations will be shown from all dates. You can create a date range on the calendar, or select a pre-set timeframe such as Yesterday, Last 7 days, and This year.

Account selection

If your account contains subaccounts, you can filter here and see donations by the subaccount they were made to.

Campaign selection

By default, you will see all donations for every campaign. the Campaign filter allows you to search for a particular campaign by name, code or ID. You can still view donations made to archived and disabled campaigns.

Element selection

View donations by the invidual Element they were made through — for example, if you have a Sticky Button on your website home page, you can see here exactly which donations came via that Element.

Source selection

Each donation always comes from one of 5 possible sources. If the donation is from a recurring donation plan, the source shows where the recurring plan was created from.

Source Description
Checkout modal The donation was made through any one of your campaign’s Checkout modals
Campaign Page The donation was made through any one of your Campaign Pages.
Virtual Terminal The donation was processed through the Virtual Terminal.
P2P Fundraiser The donation was made via a P2P fundraiser.
Recurring migration The donation exists within a recurring donation plan that was migrated over to Fundraise Up from another system.

Donation statuses

Review donations by their transaction status. There are 8 possible statuses for a donation.

Status Description
Success The donation processed successfully.
Pending The donation has been created by the supporter, and is now waiting on the charge attempt.
Retrying There was an issue with the first charge attempt, and another attempt will be made.
Failed The donation could not process successfully. An error occurred during the processing that was not resolved in the allotted time.
Refunded The donated funds have been returned to the supporter.
Disputed The supporter has disputed this donation, now awaiting resolution.
Early fraud warning Stripe provides this warning when they detect potential fraudulent activity or when they are alerted of possible fraud by the card-issuing bank. Contact the supporter quickly to determine whether this donation should be refunded or not, as fraud disputes can incur a dispute fee from Stripe.
Scheduled The donation has been pledged by the supporter and is set to process on a future date.

More filters

Clicking the More filters button will display additional options that can help you narrow down your criteria further. You can filter by supporter, frequency, designation, payment method and more.