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Meta Conversions API

Explore Fundraise Up’s integration with Meta Conversions API.

In addition to sending events to Meta Pixel browser-side, Fundraise Up can send events directly to Meta's servers to supplement the browser-side events from both your Checkout modals and your Campaign Pages. This helps you get a more accurate picture of Fundraise Up supporter activity, even in cases where a script blocker is preventing browser-side events from firing or when a user is on an iOS 14.5+ device and has tracking disabled.

If you have deployed Meta Pixel using JavaScript or a tag manager like Google Tag Manager Fundraise Up will only send server events if the deployment script is not blocked.


To enable sending server-level events to Meta, you must have the following:

  • Access to your organization’s Fundraise Up account using an account with the Organization Administrator role
  • Access to your organization’s Meta Business Suite account and “Business asset groups.”

Activation steps

  1. Enable the Meta Conversions API by selecting Add pixel in Analytics tools.
  2. Input your Meta Pixel ID. It is located in the Meta Events Manager, and is displayed beneath the name of the pixel.
  3. Input your access token. An access token is generated by selecting a pixel, navigating to its settings view, and then selecting the Generate access token option.
  4. Recommended optional step: If you want to test event tracking within Meta Events Manager, select the Add test token to events option in the “Edit pixel” window in Fundraise Up. Enabling this feature is useful for troubleshooting the Meta Conversions API integration.
    1. To enable the test feature, obtain a test token by selecting your pixel in Meta Events Manager, and then selecting the Test events option.
    2. In the “Test Server Events” container, copy the test event code. It is formatted like: “Test12345.”
    3. Paste the test event code in the Add test token to events input.
  5. Select the Pixel is active option
  6. Select Save changes

Fundraise Up will now send sever-level events to Meta using the Meta Conversions API.

Meta Pixel

Meta Conversions API works best when it is used in conjunction with Meta Pixel. Learn more →

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