Configure localization for your Checkout and customize every text.

This tab allows to manage localization for this specific Checkout. You'll only see localization options for locales that are enabled in your organization's main Dashboard settings. Learn more →

Enabling and disabling languages

To configure which languages this campaign's Checkout is available in, click the Languages button with the gear wheel symbol. The default language that was chosen when this campaign was created will be checked by default, and other enabled languages can be checked or unchecked.

Supported languages for this campaign: choose which languages this campaign's Checkout UI and the customizable texts should be available in.

Show UI in all account languages: this option allows you to show Checkout interface texts in all the languages enabled in your account settings.

Show UI only in campaign languages: your donors will only see Checkout interface texts in the languages enabled using the above checkboxes.

Customizing default localized texts

You also have the option to localize and customize Checkout-specific texts, such as legal texts and Ask page texts. Default content is already provided for each of your enabled languages. To edit the content as needed, simply click on the text you want to change and customize these texts to better suit your campaign's needs and audience.

To switch between your enabled languages, click the downwards chevron symbol next to the language name. This will allow you to view and edit the content for each language separately.

Note that, for these customizable texts, languages are not separated into separate locales (for instance, there is only one French and only one English). All other texts in the Checkout are fully localized for each separate locale.

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