How to make a donation Anonymous after it was made as not Anonymous

As a general rule, donations are made with the donor's name and surname. However, sometimes a donor may wish to give anonymously. In the checkout process, an organization can provide the option for donors to make their gift anonymous. If the donor selects this option, their name won't appear in any public feeds, such as Top Supporters and Recent Donations Elements.

But what happens if the donor did not check the anonymous donation option during checkout, but wishes to make their donation anonymous afterward? Fortunately, there is something that can be done. The donor cannot make this change in the Donor Portal, but the organization can edit the donation record in the Dashboard. To make a donation anonymous after it was made not anonymous, the organization should follow these steps:

  • Log in to the organization's Dashboard.
  • Navigate to the donation record page.
  • Edit the Personal Information section of the donation record: check the checkbox for Anonymous donation.
  • Save changes.

After making these changes, the donation will be treated as if it was made anonymously during checkout. Please note that these changes should only be made at the donation level and cannot be made in the supporter's record. If the donor made multiple donations, these changes must be made to each donation record individually.

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