Setting a Fixed Donation Amount

There are two ways to display a single donation amount: through URL API parameters or by modifying element settings. Disabling suggested amounts is not possible with campaign-level settings.

Method 1: Using URL API Parameters

Here's how you can set a fixed donation amount using URL API parameters:

  1. Set the Donation Amount: Add the 'amount' parameter to your URL with the desired value in USD. For example, &amount=100.
  2. Make the Amount Non-Editable: Include the 'modifyAmount' parameter set to 'no': &modifyAmount=no. This removes the suggested amounts, making the donation amount fixed.
  3. Specify the Donation Frequency (If Applicable): If you have two frequencies active, the amount will apply to the default frequency. You can force a non-default frequency with the 'recurring' parameter. For example, &recurring=monthly.

Example URL:


Method 2: Customizing Elements Settings

A simpler approach to display a single donation amount is by customizing the settings of the following Elements:

  • Buttons: Donate Button, Sticky Button, Image Card, Button Group, P2P Button
  • Forms: Simple Form, Impact Slider, Donation Levels
  • Links: Donate Link, QR Code, P2P Link
  • Overlays: Message Bar, Popup

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Set the Default Amount in the Element.
  2. Uncheck the "Allow supporter to change selected amount" option.
  3. Save the Element.

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