How to modify your account's currency and country

Your Fundraise Up account comes pre-set with a default currency (USD) and country (USA). Need a change? We've got you covered! However, this can't be done through your Dashboard. You'll need our support team's assistance for this task. Let's go over some essential points related to these changes.


Please note if your account has processed even a single donation, the default currency cannot be altered. Once the currency changes, you must link a new Stripe account reflecting the same currency.


Switching your account's country can impact a few settings. The specific details may vary depending on the countries involved in the switch, but here are several key moments that should be considered.

Payment methods

Some payment methods are specific to certain countries. A change in the country might add or remove these methods from your dashboard. For example, ACH is only available for US organizations. However, if a method was enabled before the country change, it will vanish from your dashboard but remain in the Checkout and Donor Portal. Also, certain payment-specific email chains (like ACH emails) might be removed from your dashboard.

Mailing address

For Canadian accounts, providing a mailing address becomes mandatory for all campaigns due to local requirements. This field will appear in each campaign checkout.


Your receipt template might change because receipts may differ for countries like France and Canada.

Remember, your account's localization settings are independent of the account's country and should be separately customized in the Dashboard.

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