How can donors access their Donor Portal?

Donors can access the Donor Portal by entering their email on the Donor Portal page or clicking the button in Fundraise Up's emails.

To find your Donor Portal URL, log into your Fundraise Up dashboard and click on Settings, located on the top right. In the settings menu on the left, click on Donor Portal. Under the Portal URL section, you'll see your Donor Portal domain. Feel free to copy and share this with your donors. After they enter their email address, an email will be sent to them with a button that logs them into their Donor Portal home page.

Alternatively, every email that Fundraise Up sends to donors includes a direct button to the Donor Portal page. If a donor clicks the "Manage my donation" button at the bottom of a recurring plan email, they will be taken directly to that specific recurring plan record in their Donor Portal.

If a donor clicks the "Manage my donation" button from an email sent more than 24 hours ago, they will be redirected to the email entry screen of the Donor Portal to receive a new, updated email with a valid link.
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