Using Elements in emails

What elements can be used in emails?

The only elements that can be put in emails are those which don't require JavaScript to work. So, those would be your link elements or your QR codes!

The majority of emails are read as either HTML without JavaScript, or plain text.

Link elements, which provide a URL that donors can go to and be redirected to your webpage of choice with the checkout or fundraiser setup form open, are usable in emails as you can just share that URL in the body of the email, either as a regular link or as a link on a faux-button (using an image or CSS styling).

QR code elements provide an image file that allows you to share the QR code anywhere. As such, you can use HTML in your emails to call in the QR code. Please do keep in mind though that QR codes are much easier to read off of paper or physical media than most LCD screens.

All other elements use JavaScript to render, and as such can only be shown on websites running your account's installation code which depends on JavaScript.

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