Why Does an Expired Card Show on an Active Recurring Plan?

It can be confusing to see an outdated card listed on an active recurring plan in the Dashboard, especially when you know the donor has received a reissued card. Here's why this happens.

Reasons for Outdated Card Information

Card details for recurring plans are only updated in the following situations:

  1. When the details are manually updated in the Fundraise Up Dashboard.
  2. When the supporter updates their card information through the Donor Portal.
  3. When the card details are directly updated in Stripe.

If a reissued card's new expiry date hasn't been updated in Stripe, Fundraise Up won't be able to display the updated information. This can occur when banks fail to share updated card details with Stripe. Fundraise Up relies on Stripe for automatic card data updates. If Stripe doesn't receive the updated information, Fundraise Up will continue to display the outdated card details.

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