How to Handle Missed or Failed Recurring Plan Installments

Sometimes, supporters may miss recurring plan installments due to various reasons. If a supporter wants to compensate for a missed donation, here's what you can do.

Limitations on Charging Missed Installments

Fundraise Up doesn't allow charging missed donation installments retroactively. This means that you can't directly charge a supporter for a donation they missed in the past.

If a supporter intends to compensate for a missed donation, we suggest one of these methods:

  1. One-Time Donations: Guide the supporter to make separate one-time donations for each missed installment using your regular donation form or campaign page.
  2. Virtual Terminal: If the supporter prefers, you can make a donation on their behalf using Virtual Terminal. This allows you to securely enter the donor's payment details and donate in their name.

Both methods ensure that the supporter can make their intended contribution while keeping accurate records of their donation history.

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