Send data from Fundraise Up to the Feathr Super Pixel

To send Fundraise Up data to the Feathr Super Pixel, you'll need to add a couple of tags to Google Tag Manager (or equivalent) that will map Fundraise Up data and send it to the Feathr Super Pixel.

The code snippets below are templates - please work with your Feathr representative to confirm if this needs to be modified or changed.

Code for all pages on load:

1//ADD BEFORE </body>
2  !function(f,e,a,t,h,r){if(!f[h]){r=f[h]=function(){r.invoke?
3  r.invoke.apply(r,arguments):r.queue.push(arguments)},
4  r.queue=[],r.loaded=1*new Date,r.version="1.0.0",
5  f.FeathrBoomerang=r;var g=e.createElement(a),
6  h=e.getElementsByTagName("head")[0]||e.getElementsByTagName("script")[0].parentNode;
7  g.async=!0,g.src=t,h.appendChild(g)}
8  }(window,document,"script","","feathr");
10  feathr("fly", "YOUR_SUPER_PIXEL_ID");
11  feathr("sprinkle", "page_view");

This code will ensure the proper mappings are loaded so that the Fundraise Up checkout can be tracked on any page.

Please be sure to replace YOUR_SUPER_PIXEL_ID with your correct Feathr Super Pixel Account id!

Code to track individual donations/conversions:

1// donationComplete (
2FundraiseUp.on('donationComplete', function(details) {
3  var feathr_amount = details.donation.amount || 0;
4  var feathr_recurring = details.donation.recurring || 'Not Provided';
5  var feathr_currency = details.donation.currency || 'USD';
6  var feathr_fullName = details.supporter.firstName + ' ' + details.supporter.lastName || '';
7  var feathr_email = || 'Not Provided';
8  var feathr_companies = [details.supporter.employer] || ['Not Provided'];
10    feathr("update", {
11        "name": feathr_fullName,
12        "email": feathr_email,
13        "companies": feathr_companies
14    });
16    feathr(
17        'convert',
19        {
20          amount: shoppingCartValue,
21          currency: feathr_currency,
22          category: "YOUR CONVERSION CATEGORY",
24        },
25        {
26            "RECURRING": feathr_recurring
27        }
28    );

This block of code also should load on all pages where a donation is possible (typically any page on the website where the Fundraise Up Installation Code is loading). This may be all pages of your website (usually the case) or only a landing page in specific cases.

Please be sure to update YOUR_CONVERSION_PIXEL_ID and YOUR CONVERSION CATEGORY as needed.

Further customization of the Feathr Super Pixel

The Super Pixel may be customized to pull in any data from our JavaScript API. Please review the available data and work with your Feath representative to adjust it accordingly.

Additional Super Pixel Resources

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