How to add the Fundraise Up elements to HubSpot CMS

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Adding Installation code

  1. In Fundraise Up, copy your installation code.
  2. Open your HubSpot website.
  3. Click on the Settings button in the top-right corner.
  4. Navigate to the Advanced tab and enter the code into the Head HTML section.

The Fundraise Up installation code has been successfully installed on your HubSpot website.


To add Elements components to your HubSpot website, create a new module that can be reused with different Fundraise Up elements.

Creating a new reusable module

  1. Navigate to the Marketing menu in HubSpot, then access Design Tools.
  2. Click "Create a new file".
  3. A modal window for a New file will appear.
  4. Choose a Module from the dropdown and click "Next".
  5. Select the locations where you want the module to appear.
  6. Set the Module content scope as a Local module.
  7. Enter a File name as "Fundraise Up Element" and click "Create”.
  8. In the right sidebar's fields section, click "Add field" and choose Text.
  9. Name the field "Fundraise Up Element ID".
  10. The HubL variable name will be auto-generated as fundraise_up_element_id.
  11. Insert the provided code into the Module.html window and click the Publish changes button in the top-right corner.
1<a href="#{{ module.fundraise_up_element_id }}" style="display: none"></a>

Adding a Fundraise Up element to website

  1. Access HubSpot website in edit mode.
  2. Locate and click the "Add" button, then drag and drop the recently created Fundraise Up Element module onto the webpage.
  3. Within the Fundraise Up platform, access an element containing HTML code with the element and copy its Element ID, such as XABCDEFG.
  4. Enter this Element ID into the "Fundraise Up Element ID" field within the module settings.
  5. Update your website.
If the element's code is <a href="#XZFJMUUS" style="display: none"></a>, the ID you'd enter is XZFJMUUS.

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