Understanding Fundraise Up’s impact on page load time

It is sometimes a concern that Fundraise Up on-page checkout may slow your website down, when compared to sending a donor off to a different page for donations. We take every step to mitigate this, and do our best to make sure our checkout flow loads as quickly as any new page visit would, if not faster.

A few things to know:

  • Fundraise Up code is delivered via an asynchronous script.
  • Fundraise Up does not load in the main thread.
  • No other applications or scripts will be blocked or slowed.
  • We optimize our loading and performance for all principal browsers.
  • All our scripts are compressed using the modern Brotli algorithm.
  • Fundraise Up uses industry-leading Cloudflare so our checkout loads from the server physically closest to the donor. This means a donor in NYC would see the same speed as one in Sydney, even if the organization web hosting is in San Francisco.
  • We're lazy! We use lazy load practices — we only load when we need to.

What does "Asynchronous" mean?

JavaScript is a single-threaded programming language which means only one thing can happen at a time. ... That's where asynchronous JavaScript comes into play. Using asynchronous JavaScript (such as callbacks, promises, and async/await), you can perform long network requests without blocking the main thread. Via bitsrc.io


Async is short for “asynchronous”. It's easier to understand async if you first understand what “synchronous”, the opposite, means. ... Asynchronous code takes statements outside of the main program flow, allowing the code after the asynchronous call to be executed immediately without waiting. Via rowanmanning.com

Our test results

In our tests across various website platforms (WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace, etc.) we typically see a full-load time of about .5 seconds.

However, our script is loading in the background, and therefore not blocking the loading of anything else on your website. This can really only be noticed in the half-second you may see before Fundraise Up Elements appear on the page.

Improving website speed

  • Consider improving your Element pop-in experience – sometimes, a site can feel faster by being less disruptive as new buttons and menus load in!
  • Evaluate which scripts are necessary – what is the goal of your website? Prioritize those scripts first. Everything should be loaded and used as-needed only.
  • Leverage a CDN platform for all of your website content, such as Akamai, Cloudflare, or others. You may be able to contact your web hosting company to add this feature.
  • We recommend https://www.webpagetest.org/ for measuring page speed and overall website technical health. We do not recommend using any of Google's tools, as they tend to rely on assumptions rather than empirical analysis.

Rest assured! Fundraise Up will consistently have the smallest impact on any website speed issues you may be experiencing.

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