Integrating Fundraise Up with Medallia (Formerly Decibel) for Conversion Tracking

Medallia, an enterprise SaaS platform that acquired Decibel in 2021, enables companies to capture and analyze customer feedback to improve experiences, drive loyalty, and increase revenue. By using Fundraise Up's JavaScript API, you can send conversion events to Medallia for tracking and analysis.

Getting Started

The Medallia tag should be added to every page or screen of your website or app, either through a tag manager or directly within your website template.

Configuring Goals

Goals are significant events within a visitor's journey that are of interest during analysis. If you aim to track Fundraise Up checkout views and separate one-time and recurring donations, create three distinct goals in your Medallia account as suggested below.

Goal Name Status Integration Method
Fundraise Up Checkout Started Engaged Medallia JavaScript API call
Fundraise Up One Time Donation Converted Medallia JavaScript API call
Fundraise Up Monthly Donation Converted Medallia JavaScript API call

Tracking Conversion Events

Please make sure to use in the code below the same goal names as configured in your Medallia account.

3  // track checkout open 
4  FundraiseUp.on('checkoutOpen', function(details) {
5    decibelInsight('sendGoal', 'Fundraise Up Checkout Started');
6  });
8  // track completed donation 
9  FundraiseUp.on('donationComplete', function(details) {
11    var goalName = 'Fundraise Up One Time Donation';
12    if (details.donation.recurring) {
13      goalName = 'Fundraise Up Monthly Donation'
14    }
16    decibelInsight(
17      'sendGoal',
18      goalName,
19      details.donation.amount,
20      details.donation.currency
21    );

This code snippet accomplishes the following:

  1. When a visitor opens the Fundraise Up checkout, the checkoutOpen event is triggered, and the Fundraise Up Checkout Started goal is sent to Medallia using the decibelInsight function.
  2. When a visitor completes a donation, the donationComplete event is triggered. The code then checks if the donation is recurring or one-time:
    • For a one-time donation, the Fundraise Up One Time Donation goal is sent to Medallia.
    • For a recurring (monthly) donation, the Fundraise Up Monthly Donation goal is sent to Medallia.
  3. The decibelInsight function is used to send the goal name, donation amount, and currency to Medallia for tracking and analysis.

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