Why do you recommend to set a minimum donation amount?

To minimize the risk of fraudulent activities via our checkout, we suggest establishing a minimum donation amount. Even though we have a dependable and consistent system in place for detecting suspicious transactions, it's still possible for small donations to be misused for malicious purposes. By setting a minimum donation amount, we can reduce the chances of fraudulent activities slipping through our detection measures.

Fraudsters use small charges in the internet as a way to test the validity of a stolen credit card or a compromised bank account. By making a small, inconspicuous charge, they can see if the transaction goes through without raising any red flags with the cardholder or financial institution. If the transaction is successful, they know that they can use the same credit card or bank account for larger and more profitable fraudulent transactions.

Additionally, small charges can often go unnoticed by the cardholder, especially if the charges are scattered among many different transactions. This is especially true if the cardholder is not keeping a close eye on their account balance or transaction history. Fraudsters take advantage of this by making many small charges over a period of time, gradually draining the account or racking up a large bill that may take some time to be discovered.

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