Using Payment Processors: Stripe and PayPal

At Fundraise Up, we prioritize providing a robust and versatile donation platform to maximize your fundraising efforts. To ensure this, Stripe serves as our primary payment processor. The integration with Stripe allows your organization to accept a wide variety of donation methods, catering to the diverse preferences of your supporters.

Stripe is essential for processing credit and debit card transactions and enabling the use of advanced fundraising features. This approach ensures that you can offer a seamless and efficient donation experience.

Adding PayPal for Enhanced Flexibility

In addition to Stripe, we understand the importance of flexibility in payment options. Therefore, PayPal can be integrated as an additional payment processor. Including PayPal is particularly beneficial as it offers supporters a familiar and trusted way to donate, potentially increasing the likelihood of contributions, especially from those who prefer PayPal over other methods.

Limitations on Using PayPal Exclusively

While we strive to accommodate various payment preferences, it is currently not possible to use PayPal as the sole payment processor. Fundraise Up requires Stripe to be active due to its extensive support for multiple payment methods and crucial fundraising functionalities. Our goal is to ensure that your donation processes are as inclusive and effective as possible, which necessitates the foundational role of Stripe.

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