How can I create a single Payout report that has both PayPal and Fundraise Up data?

If you need to create a report that has PayPal payout information alongside Fundraise Up information, you will need to merge two exports, either joining PayPal and Fundraise Up exports, or PayPal and your CRM exports.

Firstly, download from your existing PayPal account your payout reports where you can export payout info and transaction IDs alongside each other.

Once you have your export of PayPal payouts, you can then either:

  • Export a list of donations from Fundraise Up using the Exports Tab, ensuring that it contains the Payment ID column,
  • Or, export a list of donations from your CRM, ensuring that our mapping tools have mapped Payment ID onto some field on the donation object in your CRM.

The two sheets can be joined on any rows where Transaction ID from the PayPal sheet matches the Payment ID from the Fundraise Up/CRM sheet!

Please note that another way to achieve similar results is to import PayPal payout information such as date and payout ID into your CRM onto the donation records which already have Fundraise Up information.

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