Why donors can avoid required questions during the donation process?

Fundraise Up's Questions checkout feature is designed to help charities collect important information from donors during the checkout process. However, some donors may be able to avoid answering these questions during the donation process, which can be concerning for charities who rely on this information.

The reason donors can avoid answering even required questions is because there is currently no option to place the questions section before the donation is completed. This means that after completing the donation, the donor can simply close the checkout without answering the required question.

While this may be frustrating , it's important to note that many donors who choose to exit the checkout process without answering the required question may not have been willing to answer it in the first place. By placing the required questions after the donation is completed, Fundraise Up's system allows donors to make a commitment to the donation before being asked for additional information.

However, if you find that a significant number of donors are avoiding the required questions, it may be worth considering alternative methods for collecting this information. For example, you could consider contacting the donor directly via email with the required questions. This can be an effective way to collect the necessary information while also establishing a more personal connection with the donor.

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