SCA Compliance and 3D Secure Protection

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and 3D Secure are crucial security measures meticulously designed to protect and ensure the safety of online transactions. They serve as an additional layer of security aimed at drastically reducing the occurrence of fraud in online spaces.

What are SCA and 3D Secure?

Before diving into how Fundraise Up handles SCA and 3D Secure, let's briefly define these terms:

  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA): SCA is a regulatory requirement in the European Economic Area (EEA) that aims to make online payments more secure. It requires additional authentication steps for certain transactions, such as verifying the cardholder's identity through multiple factors (e.g., password, biometric data, or a one-time code).
  • 3D Secure: 3D Secure is a protocol that adds an extra layer of security to online credit and debit card transactions. It requires cardholders to complete an additional authentication step with their card issuer before a transaction can be approved.

Fundraise Up's Integration with Stripe

Fundraise Up partners with Stripe, a leading payment processing platform, to handle online donations securely. Stripe provides robust SCA and 3D Secure compliance features, which Fundraise Up incorporates into its donation checkout process.

When a donor makes a payment using a card that requires 3D Secure or SCA authentication, Fundraise Up seamlessly integrates Stripe's authentication modals into the donation checkout flow. This ensures that supporters are prompted to provide the necessary additional information for authentication when required.

How SCA and 3D Secure Work in Fundraise Up's Donation Process

Here's how SCA and 3D Secure protections are implemented in Fundraise Up's donation process:

  1. Donation Checkout: The supporter enters their donation details and proceeds through the checkout steps.
  2. Finalize Transaction: When the supporter reaches the final step and clicks the button labeled "Donate X" (where X is the currency and amount of their donation), Fundraise Up initiates the transaction processing.
  3. 3D Secure/SCA Prompt: If the donor's card requires 3D Secure or SCA authentication, Stripe's authentication modal will appear as an overlay on top of the donation checkout.
  4. Additional Authentication: The donor completes the required authentication steps, such as entering a one-time code sent to their mobile device or providing biometric data, as requested by their card issuer.
  5. Transaction Completion: Once the authentication is successful, the transaction is processed, and the donation is confirmed.

Benefits of SCA and 3D Secure Compliance

By ensuring SCA compliance and incorporating 3D Secure protections, Fundraise Up provides several benefits to both donors and organizations:

  • Enhanced Security: SCA and 3D Secure help prevent fraudulent transactions and protect donors' sensitive payment information.
  • Reduced Chargebacks: By requiring additional authentication, the risk of unauthorized transactions and subsequent chargebacks is minimized.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Fundraise Up's compliance with SCA regulations ensures that organizations can accept donations from the EEA without facing legal or financial repercussions.

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