SSL requirements

Fundraise Up requires all websites using our platform to ensure that their websites are secure enough to process donations.

Having an updated SSL certificate will ensure that your website is safe enough to process donations and other information. Without an updated SSL certificate, your website will not be considered secure.

How do I know if I have an SSL certificate?

Most modern browsers show what sites have SSL certificates by having a little lock icon show in the left side of the address bar. If you click the lock icon, it'll show more detail about the security status of your site.

Additionally, if your browser is set to show the full address in the address bar, or gives you the full web address when you copy it from the address bar, it should have https:// at the start of it rather than http://.

Some website platforms, like Squarespace, automatically secure your websites as part of their setup.

How can I get one?

For those platforms that don't automatically get and use an SSL certificate, there are often user-friendly tools for doing so.

WordPress has a variety of SSL plugins; we have assisted some clients who've used Really Simple SSL to good effect.

If your platform doesn't provide SSL certificate tools, your web host (i.e. Pantheon, WP Engine, GoDaddy, Network Solution) likely can set you up with an SSL certificate upon request.

Lastly, in the eventuality that your website is not served by a web platform OR web host that offers this service, you then may need to consult your web server's documentation on how best to make sure of the following:

  • The web server knows where the SSL certificate lives and provides it when serving your site over HTTPS.
  • The web server knows to send all web traffic to the HTTPS version of your site, even if people type in http:// at the start of the address instead.

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