Billing Behavior of Recurring Plans When Stripe Account is Disconnected

Fundraise Up allows you to connect a Stripe account to process recurring donations. A common question that arises is whether recurring plans continue to charge donors even if the associated Stripe account has been disconnected. This article provides a clear explanation of how Fundraise Up handles recurring plan billing in such scenarios.

Billing Behavior of Active Recurring Plans

When you have active recurring plans set up in Fundraise Up that bill through Stripe, the following billing behavior applies:

  1. Continued Billing: All active recurring plans will continue to bill donors through the same Stripe account that was initially connected, even if that Stripe account is later disconnected from Fundraise Up.
  2. Manual Cancellation: Recurring plans will keep charging donors until one of the following occurs:
    • You manually cancel the recurring plan in the Fundraise Up dashboard.
    • The donor cancels the recurring plan through their Donor Portal or by contacting you directly.
  3. Retry Behavior: If a recurring donation fails due to issues like insufficient funds or expired card details, Fundraise Up will follow the retry behavior settings configured in your account. The recurring plan will continue to attempt charging the donor based on the specified retry logic until it either succeeds or reaches the maximum number of retry attempts.
  4. No Automatic Cancellation: Completely disconnecting or changing the Stripe account does not automatically cancel or stop the billing of active recurring plans. The plans will continue to bill through the original Stripe account until manually canceled or until they fail per the retry behavior.

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