Do you have text-to-give or SMS services?

At Fundraise Up, we don't offer text-to-give services directly, but we work well with platforms that do. Many of our organizations ask us if we offer give-by-text, SMS-sending services, or other things related to giving via mobile text services. While we don't provide these services ourselves, it's easy to set up text-to-give campaigns using Fundraise Up and a texting service such as Tatango. Tatango has an excellent track record with 99% open rates, seamless integrations with most CRMs, and enterprise features that make it easy to manage your campaigns. With Tatango and Fundraise Up, you can run effective and efficient text-to-give campaigns that make it easy for your donors to give to your cause.

Text-to-give campaigns have evolved over the years, and the way they work now is different from how they used to work. In the past, donors could make a donation by texting a keyword to a shortcode, and the donation amount would be added to their phone bill. However, this method had limitations, and it wasn't as effective as it could be.

Now, text-to-give campaigns work by sending donors a link via text message. When the donor taps on the link, they are taken to a mobile-friendly donation page where they can make a donation using various payment methods.

This approach has several advantages over the previous method. For one, it allows donors to give more if they choose. It also makes it easier to collect funds: not from various mobile carriers, which can be a time-consuming and challenging process. Instead, all donations go directly to a bank account, making the process much smoother and more efficient.

To set up a text-to-give campaign with Fundraise Up, you first need to choose a texting platform of your choice. Then, set up your texting campaign either as outbound (you text a list of phone numbers you have) or inbound (people text a shortcode to a number to get information and donate). In your text message, include a link to your Fundraise Up donation page, such as This way, donors can easily make their donation by clicking on the link!

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