Why Disabling Upgrade Links in Installment Receipts is Not Possible

Fundraise Up's Upgrade Links are designed to help nonprofits increase their fundraising potential by allowing supporters to easily increase their recurring donations directly from their inbox. Our goal is to increase the Lifetime Value (LTV) of donors and motivate them to cover fees, especially for subscriptions that have been migrated to Fundraise Up from other platforms. We aim to maximize the impact donors have on nonprofits and help raise more funds for good causes.

Upgrade Links offer several key advantages:

  • Increasing Supporter LTV: By making it easy for donors to increase their contributions, Upgrade Links help boost the total value of a supporter's contributions over their lifetime.
  • Convenience: Supporters can effortlessly elevate their contributions without re-entering payment details.
  • Overcoming low email open rates: With average email open rates being low, Upgrade Links ensure every opened email provides an opportunity for supporters to make a bigger impact.
  • Proven effectiveness: Statistics show that half of the supporters who open an Upgrade Link either increase their donation amount or start covering transaction fees.

We believe that supporters are more likely to give more if the process is simple and they don't have to re-enter their information. That's why we include Upgrade Links in the emails we send out, simplifying the process of increasing donation amounts and opting to cover transaction fees.

By leveraging Upgrade Links, your nonprofit can effectively boost its fundraising efforts, increase donor LTV, and create a lasting impact on the causes you care about. Fundraise Up is committed to helping you maximize your fundraising potential and make a difference in the world.

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