How to track UTM parameters in Fundraise Up

When UTM parameters are added to URLs that launch a Checkout modal or a Campaign Page, those parameters are captured and stored in the “UTM Parameters” section of the resulting donation record.

Fundraise Up stores the following UTM values when they are provided:

  • Source
  • Medium
  • Campaign
  • Term
  • Content

When UTM parameters are provided, the values are available in Exports and in the mapping rules for most built-in integrations.

UTM parameters can be appended to an organic, untracked Checkout URL, as shown in the example below:


UTM parameters can also be appended to Campaign Pages and Elements like Donate Link, as shown in the examples below:



It is important to keep in mind the differences between adding UTM parameters to a Checkout and adding them to Campaign Pages or Elements. When adding parameters to Campaign Pages or Elements, the first parameter should be preceded by a ? symbol. However, for the Checkout, you do not need to add the ? symbol because it already exists in the Checkout URLs with the form parameter.

UTM parameters can be combined with custom fields in Fundraise Up to create highly-customized, information-rich tracking links. Learn more →

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