Why do the Virtuous mapping rules only display Project and Segment?

Please create custom fields on the Virtuous Gift, Contact, or Recurring Gift objects before these additional mappings will display. If you have made them and they are still not appearing, reload the Virtuous integration settings page.

Fundraise Up's Virtuous integration handles all mapping of data to standard fields like Amount and Date on Gifts, Contacts, and Recurring Gifts out of the box. We only offer the ability to extend Gift and Recurring Gift records with Project associations, Segment associations, and custom fields on the above objects, as well as any custom fields on Constituents.

If your Virtuous Mapping rules only display Projects & Segments like the following:

And you would expect to see some other fields there, please make sure you have made those fields as custom fields for Gifts, Contacts, or Recurring Gifts in your Virtuous environment. Once these custom fields are created, you will see the following option for Virtuous CRM to map over to

  • gift custom fields
  • contact custom fields
  • recurring gift custom field.

For more information on Virtuous integration, please check out

Customizing the Virtuous CRM Integration.

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