Can I modify the columns on my FRU dashboard?

Fundraise Up provides a lot of data when recording donation information. This can include everything from payment type to tribute information, and everything in between

While we do not permit the use for all of those donation data points to be columns on your donation dashboard, we do allow you to export all of these fields. For long-term reporting, we often recommend using the Exports tab to set up scheduled or ad-hoc exports, or using an integration to get data into your CRM.

Alternately, if you are in a rush, you can follow these three easy steps to get an export of donations:

  1. Click the “Donations” tab in your Fundraise Up dashboard’s top navigation.
  2. Click the Quick Export button
    1. Please note that this Quick Export option appears on the Recurring Plans and Supporters tabs of your dashboard as well!
  3. Check the boxes for the Donation fields you would like to include in the export.
  4. Click the .xls or .csv button to download your export file in your desired format!

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