What are micro-deposits?

Some methods of bank transfer donations cannot or are not authenticated by login, but still require authentication. In these cases, micro-deposits are made into the donor's bank account, and they confirm the amounts to verify ownership.

When a supporter makes a gift via ACH or PAD by providing their account numbers, instead of logging in to their bank, they are responsible for verifying ownership of the account. To do this, 2 small amounts, usually less than 1 dollar, are made automatically to the supporter's bank account with a descriptor that reads "ACCTVERIFY.” In order for this transaction to be completed, the donor or the organization will have to verify the amounts deposited. This will trigger the successful donation after several business days.

Microtransactions will only occur when donations are made via ACH bank transfer where they provide account numbers. If a donation is made through PAD via login, or is done via Bacs, BECS, PAD, or SEPA, microtransactions will not be made as verification has either already been done or isn’t necessary due to greater consumer protections around refunds and fraud.

Once the donor has received the micro-deposits and knows the amounts, they can verify their account ownership by entering deposited amounts with the "Verify amounts" button provided to them via email, or in their Donor Portal.

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