Donor can’t find Stripe micro-deposits in bank statement. How can I help them proceed?

When a donor gives using ACH Direct Debit they input the account and routing numbers of the bank account they want to donate from. To confirm that these details are correct, Stripe deposits a small amount of currency into the bank account. The donor is then required to confirm the currency amount to complete their donation. To help facilitate these steps, Fundraise Up automatically sends verification instruction and reminder emails to donors using ACH Direct Debit as their donation method.

If a donor contacts you stating that they did not receive Stripe micro-deposits, you can take the following steps to resolve the issue:

  • Keep in mind that this process may take several days to complete. It is important for the donor to wait a few days.
  • Ask donor to check their bank statement thoroughly for two micro-deposit amounts with a descriptor that reads "ACCTVERIFY."
  • If the micro-deposits have not appeared after a few days, you should contact Stripe support.

If you provide Stripe with a donor’s bank statement showing no sign of the micro-deposits, Stripe will verify the donation manually.

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