Resolving the "form" query parameter conflict

Fundraise Up provides an intuitive fundraising platform for organizations, ensuring a seamless experience for donors. However, specific website configurations, like the reservation of the form query parameter, can hinder the proper display of the Fundraise Up checkout. This conflict occasionally also triggers a background webpage change when launching the checkout. In this article, you will find general troubleshooting steps that can be followed, along with WordPress-specific advice, to help rectify the issue you may be facing.

General troubleshooting steps

Problem description

Fundraise Up’s checkout relies on various query parameters, including form, member, fundraiser, and element. When a website reserves or utilizes these parameters for other purposes, it could obstruct the checkout display and sometimes result in background webpage changes when launching the checkout.

Resolution steps

  1. Identify the conflict
    • Utilize your website's development tools to ascertain if one of the reserved query parameters is used elsewhere on your site.
    • Engage your web developer or scrutinize your website's code to pinpoint where and how the query parameter is being used.
  2. Modify your website's configuration
    • If feasible, alter the conflicting query parameter to a different term.
    • Ensure this alteration doesn’t impair other functionalities of your website.
  3. Test Fundraise Up Checkout
    • Post-modification, test the Fundraise Up checkout to verify it displays and operates correctly.

WordPress-specific troubleshooting steps

WordPress websites might encounter this issue due to specific plugins or themes. Particularly, certain SEO plugins and form builders might reserve the form query parameter. Here’s how to address this issue in a WordPress setting:

  1. Plugin conflict check
    • Temporarily deactivate all plugins except for the ones necessary for Fundraise Up's installation code implementation. Then, inspect if the checkout displays correctly.
    • Reactivate your plugins one at a time, checking the checkout after each activation to identify the conflicting plugin.
  2. Theme conflict check
    • Temporarily switch to a default WordPress theme, like Twenty Twenty-One, and examine the checkout again.
    • If the issue resolves, the conflict likely resides within your theme’s code.
  3. Check custom code
    • Scrutinize any custom code added to your website for instances where the form query parameter might be utilized or reserved.
  4. Consult with a developer
    • If unable to identify or resolve the conflict, consulting with a professional WordPress developer might be beneficial.
  5. Seek plugin/theme developer support
    • If a particular plugin or theme is identified as the source of the conflict, reach out to the developer for support.

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