Recurring plans FAQ

Can I add an end date to a recurring plan?

Yes, you can. You can add any (or any combination) of the following limits:

  • Maximum plan amount
  • Maximum plan installments
  • Plan end date

Do recurring plans continue to charge even if the Stripe account they use has been disconnected?

All active Fundraise Up recurring plans that bill through Stripe continue billing through that same Stripe account until the plan itself is cancelled manually by you or the donor, or fails per your retry behavior.

Can I change the payment currency on a recurring plan?

While it is possible to change the amount and the payment method to some extent on Recurring plans so that future donations are billed appropriately, it is not possible to change the currency used for a Recurring plan.

In order to assess future installments in a new currency, it is required to cancel the current Recurring plan and start a new Recurring plan, either by prompting the donor to use the donation checkout on your website or by setting it up on their behalf in Virtual Terminal.

How is fee coverage handled for recurring plans?

When a donor sets up a plan, their fee coverage choice is what is used for future installments unless they or an admin edits their plan to change that choice.

If the donor chooses to not cover the transaction costs when they set up the recurring plan, that will apply to each donation of the recurring plan. The amount of the increase to cover costs will remain at the same amount each month as the first installment.

The donor might decide at any point in the recurring plan to cover the transaction costs via their donor portal, or instruct an admin to adjust their plan to cover the transaction costs via the admin dashboard view of their plan.

Why can't I make a recurring plan with a future start date with ACH?

At this time, recurring plans with future start dates cannot be paid for with ACH. 

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If a recurring plan is in a Failed status, it cannot be canceled in our system. This protocol helps maintain accurate and comprehensive statistics about the lifecycle and statuses of recurring plans. That

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