How to add the Fundraise Up installation code to a Squarespace website

Squarespace is an all-in-one website building platform that allows users to create beautiful, professional websites without having to write any code. Follow the steps below to add the Fundraise Up installation code to your Squarespace website.


  • Administrative access to your Squarespace website
  • A Business or Commerce Squarespace plan
  • Access to your organization’s Fundraise Up account with a user account that has the Organization Administrator role


  1. In Fundraise Up, copy your installation code.
  2. Log in to Squarespace and select your website.
  3. In the Squarespace sidebar, select Website
  4. Select Website Tools from the Utilities section
  5. Select Code Injection from the Custom Code section
  6. Add the Installation Code to the "Header" section
  7. Hit the "Save" button

The Fundraise Up installation code is now installed on your Squarespace website.


To add Elements components to your Squarespace website, add a Code block to your page layout and insert a component’s code snippet.

Adding components to the Site Header

You can add an Elements component to the Site Header using the following method.

  1. Hover on the site header in the page editor and select Edit Site Header.
  2. Select Elements.
  3. Toggle-on the Button option.
  4. In the URL property, enter a hash sign (#) followed by the ID of the component you want to display in the header. The ID of the component is visible in its code snippet, as shown below.
    1<a href="#XTGWFZFR" style="display: none"></a>

    The code snippet above renders as Donate Button Elements component. The component’s ID is the href value, XTGWFZFR.

Apple Pay activation

To activate Apple Pay for a Squarespace website, follow the instructions in the guide below.

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