Configure settings related to Supporters

From the Supporters tab of your Fundraise Up Dashboard settings, you can configure account-level options for your organization's interaction with potential and existing supporters.

Supporters with abandoned donations

The Supporters with abandoned donations setting serves as a crucial tool for organizations aiming to recapture potential donations that were started but not finalized. This setting enables the saving of information from supporters who began the donation process but left before finishing it, identifying these instances as Abandoned Donations.

When the Save supporters with abandoned donations checkbox is enabled in your Dashboard settings, two significant actions are initiated to enhance your engagement with potential donors:

  1. The "Remind Me Later" screen activation: This crucial step presents a last chance to collect the supporter's email address on the Checkout Modal, giving them the option to receive a reminder to complete their donation at a later date.
  2. Creation of Abandoned Donations: With this option active, your account will start recording instances of Abandoned Donations. Abandoned Donations are created under specific conditions:
    • If a supporter leaves their email on the Checkout Modal’s "Remind Me Later" screen.
    • When a supporter exits the Checkout Modal/Campaign Page after entering their email at the Personal Information step.
    • When a supporter enters their email on the Checkout Modal/Campaign Page but then remains inactive for an hour.
For organizations subject to specific laws in certain countries, it is mandatory to obtain explicit consent from donors to collect their data. To comply with these laws, it is recommended that you activate the explicit consent feature and establish Terms & Conditions for your organization. Enabling the Prompt supporters to accept your terms option in your campaign settings will ensure that a supporter's email address and data are only stored after they have agreed to these Terms & Conditions.

Abandoned Donation will not be recorded if a supporter chooses to donate crypto. This functionality is intended for transactions with fiat money.

Within the Dashboard, organizations can view and manage Supporters with Abandoned Donations. Learn more →

An Abandoned donation reminder email sequence is initiated for all Abandoned Donations to re-engage supporters, regardless of the specific condition for the donation being abandoned. This sequence begins automatically to remind them of their incomplete donations and encourage completion. Organizations can customize this engagement by enabling or disabling the email sequence according to their preference. Learn more →

Additionally, the capability to export Abandoned Donations provides valuable data for analysis and strategy refinement, enabling organizations to better understand and reduce the occurrence of abandoned donations over time. Learn more →

Supporter mailing address settings


The Validate mailing address checkbox gives you the option whether or not to check mailing addresses added or edited in the Checkout modal, Virtual Terminal, Campaign Pages, Donor Portal or in the Dashboard for their validity.

While validating mailing addresses improves accuracy and deliverability of mail communications, not validating them has a significant positive effect on conversion in the Checkout.

If validation is disabled, we will not check the donor’s entered mailing address and they will be able to advance to the next stage of the Checkout form regardless of what they enter in the mailing address fields. For addresses like these that have not been validated, the “Deliverable” icon will not appear next to their address on their Supporter page.

Case format

If validation is enabled, US-based nonprofits also have the option to choose their preferred case format for their supporters’ mailing addresses. The selected case will only apply to addresses in the USA and its territories, and only to addresses entered in English. The case options are as follows:

  • all letters capitalized
  • the first letter of each word capitalized

Only newly added addresses will be in the chosen format. Previously collected addresses will remain unchanged. When syncing or exporting data, addresses will be displayed in the case format that was selected in settings at the moment when the address was collected. For non-US organizations, supporter addresses from the US and its territories will be saved with just the first letter capitalized by default.


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