Terms & conditions

Ensure full compliance by enabling a T&Cs checkbox.

In order to ensure your donation process is GDPR-compliant, your organization must enable the Terms & Conditions checkbox in your Campaign.

Enabling the T&C checkbox

To enable this feature, simply check the box labeled "Prompt donors to accept your terms." This will display a checkbox for supporters to confirm that they have read and agreed with your terms and conditions and other policies before proceeding with their donation.

Checkbox text

Add the text for the checkbox in the input box. Make sure to link to your Terms and Conditions and any other relevant webpages using the chain link symbol.

Checked by default

It is important to note that for EU residents, explicit permission is required. As a result, you should not check the "Checked by default" option to remain fully GDPR compliant.

You can add localized versions of your terms and conditions text in the Localization tab.


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