Test mode

Enable test mode to experiment with Checkout configurations and payment methods.

Test mode is a function within Fundraise Up that allows you to operate features like Checkout, Dashboard, and Virtual Terminal outside of a live environment. It is useful for experimenting with Checkout configurations, payment methods, and for analyzing how data from Fundraise Up syncs to integrated platforms.

To use test mode on your website, you must first add the Fundraise Up installation code to your website’s code.

Enabling test mode for Checkout

There are two ways to activate test mode for Checkout. Both methods provide the same functionality. Select an implementation that works best for your needs.

Embedded script

This method activates test mode using a simple script that you embed within the code of your website. It's best used for pre-production environments such as test sites where you want test mode to be enabled by default.

Embed this script in the code of your website:

2window.fundraiseup_livemode = false;

Query string

This method allows you to enable test mode by appending a test mode property to your website’s URL. Add the following query string to a URL of a website where the Fundraise Up installation code has been added:




Test mode toolbar

When test mode is enabled for a website where the Fundraise Up installation code is present, the test mode toolbar will be displayed at the bottom of the viewport. The toolbar includes localization tools that allow for testing the display of Checkout and Elements based on applied locale and language settings.

Enabling test mode for the Fundraise Up Dashboard

Enabling test mode for the Dashboard allows you to view donations made using test mode. This is useful for viewing the contents of donation records, experimenting with email customizations, and assessing the mapping rules applied for connected integrations.

Testing Checkout in the Dashboard

Test mode is always enabled for Checkout when it is displayed in the Dashboard. This is useful for experimenting with Checkout settings before the Fundraise Up installation code has been added to a website.

To view Checkout in test mode while in the Dashboard, go to Campaigns > [Example campaign] and select the Test checkout button.

Syncing test donations to connected integrations

Many integrations in Fundraise Up allow for syncing test donations to connected apps. This is useful for evaluating how records created by Fundraise Up are represented in your other platforms.

To enable the synchronization of test donations for your connected integrations, view the settings for each integration and select the Sync test data option.

Payment method test credentials

To test payment methods in Checkout, you can use the test information provided by Stripe. For your convenience, we have included test information for a simulated Visa card below.

Brand Visa
Number 4242 4242 4242 4242
CVC Any 3 digits
Date Any future date
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