Launching Checkout on page load

There are two ways to route visitors to a page in such a way that checkout is open automatically: by using a Donate Link element URL, or by using the “Checkout URL” as provided for each campaign.

Donate Link element

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Checkout URL

The Checkout URLs provided for each campaign use what are called “URL parameters” - in this case “form”. In the URL, “form” is equal to either the campaign ID or the friendly URL value for the campaign.

For example this link below:

The last aspect of this link "testcampaign" is the campaign ID. You can find this link by:

  1. Navigating to 'Campaigns'
  2. Selecting the campaign, in this case "Test Campaign"
  3. Copying the "Checkout URL" for the campaign located in the top right hand corner of the campaign page or on the URL settings section of the campaign settings.

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