Troubleshooting Google Analytics 4

How do I test to see if my events are reaching Google Analytics?

GA4's Realtime Report will show events as they happen in real time, so the best way to test the integration would be to go to your website, launch a Fundraise Up checkout, make a test donation, and then close the checkout. Those events should appear in the Realtime Report.

I have Google Analytics enabled in Fundraise Up, but I do not see the events in Google Analytics 4

It's highly likely that you have the GA4 tag (gtag.js) installed via an unsupported implementation method, such as a GA4 configuration tag in GTM. Click here to read more about the supported implementation methods for our native integration.

The data in Google Analytics does not match the data in Fundraise Up

Google Analytics relies on sampling, so it will never match 1:1 and shouldn't be used as a precise ledger. Further, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager are sometimes blocked from firing by donor's ad blockers, which can result in a ~25-40% difference between Fundraise Up and Google Analytics data. This is expected.

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Google Analytics 4 is an analytics service that enables you to measure traffic and engagement across your websites and apps. You can pass events and parameters from Fundraise Up to Google Analytics to

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