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Fraud Protection

We approve transactions based on a deeper understanding of your website visitors by analyzing behavioral data from the checkout process, chargeback data, and website usage data.

Analyzing Users Behavior

Our machine learning detects suspicious behavior based on website usage and transactional data.

Proxies Detection

Hackers use proxies to mask their location. We detect this and flag the transaction.

BIN/IIN Country Match

We compare the cardholder’s billing address, issuing bank country, and user’s physical location.

Stripe Radar

Radar ingests data from every layer of the financial stack and integrates data from checkout flows, rich payments data, and info from card networks and banks to assess fraud risk.

Reviewed by Humans

Our staff gives every potentially declined transaction another review.

High-Risk Countries

Certain countries are favorites for hackers. We scrutinize these transactions carefully.

Top Secret

We have several other tricks that we cannot share openly without compromising its effectiveness.

Security is Key

Meet specific industry regulations and international security and data privacy standards.
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