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Grow business and increase revenue

Turn partnerships into your most valuable revenue channel when you partner with Fundraise Up.
Grow business and increase revenue

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Optimize the GTM strategy for your nonprofit solution and increase your total addressable market with Fundraise Up.
Increase revenue
Onboard customers faster and unlock revenue sooner. Fundraise Up gives you everything you need to grow revenue from new and existing clients or customers.
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Sales enablement
Grow business
See results from a new line of business. Fundraise Up’s partner program offers referral and sales enablement services that help you open new customer opportunities.
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Scale your product or service offerings without additional overhead. Fundraise Up provides you with dedicated resources to support every stage of the sales cycle.
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Stripe partners with Fundraise Up to power nonprofits

Old and underperforming technology has long plagued the nonprofit industry. But equipped with Stripe’s modern payments infrastructure and Fundraise Up’s optimized giving tools, nonprofits are now raising more than ever.
There’s an incredible opportunity to set the right foundations such that today’s work will pave the way for success in generations to come — I’m delighted to be a part of it.
Mike Clayville
Chief Revenue Officer, Stripe

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Agency partner
Fundraise Up’s partner program is proactive in how it tries to combine on an agency partner’s experience and wisdom with the platform excellence of Fundraise Up Partner programs work with hard work and synergy. This partner program does both - and more.
Michael Johnson
President and Founder, HJC New Media