4 Game-changing fundraising performance metrics every nonprofit needs

Apr 26, 2024
Ashley Montgomery
Content Marketing Manager

The Insights Dashboard from Fundraise Up means data-driven decision-making for nonprofits. With timely fundraising performance metrics, you can:

  1. Make informed decisions quickly
  2. Tailor strategies based on actual donor behaviors
  3. Eliminate the guesswork in campaign planning
More features are on the way! Our team is gearing up for the next level of insights. Stay tuned!

Data-driven decision-making

With the centralized data hub of the Insights Dashboard, you can identify what works and what doesn't in your fundraising efforts. Nonprofits can allocate resources more efficiently, focusing on high-impact strategies and campaigns that are proven to work (and maximize return on investment!).

Fundraising performance metrics

Raised chart: Gain a deeper understanding of your fundraising efforts by comparing current donations against past periods. This analysis reveals key trends and showcases your progress, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Performance overview section - mobile users metric: decide where to focus communication with a breakdown of various Fundraise Up features, specifically the percentage of donations made on a mobile device.

Donation day/time chart: Understanding when audiences are most likely to donate can guide the customization of messaging, making communications more relevant and compelling at the right moments.

Designations chart: Tracking restricted donations helps NPOs understand what matters to their donors (ie. the why behind giving) which can inspire future fundraising campaigns.

3 big benefits of fundraising performance metrics

1. Strategic allocation of resources

With the Insights Dashboard's advanced fundraising performance metrics, nonprofits can identify which initiatives have the most impact! This enables organizations to allocate their resources—be it time, money, or manpower—to the most effective campaigns and channels.

By focusing on areas with proven success, nonprofits can optimize their operations for efficiency, including pausing underperforming initiatives and doubling down on what works, ensuring that every dollar spent contributes directly to mission impact.

2. Future-proofing fundraising efforts

The Insights Dashboard empowers nonprofits to not only understand their current fundraising landscape but also to predict future trends. By identifying patterns in donor behavior, such as preferred donation times or channels (e.g., mobile users), nonprofits can future-proof their fundraising strategies, staying ahead of the curve. With this kind of foresights, nonprofits can continually innovate their fundraising efforts, ensuring long-term sustainability and growth.

3. Data-driven fundraising campaigns

Advanced fundraising performance metrics such as donation day/time heat maps, designations, and mobile user rates enable nonprofits to tailor campaigns on a granular level. Plus, correlating these advanced fundraising metrics with broader engagement metrics (e.g., social media interactions, event attendance) may uncover deeper insights into donor behavior and preferences, informing a holistic campaign strategy.

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